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Welcome to our little farm nestled in the western foothills of Maine along the New Hampshire border. Come take a stroll through our organic flower and vegetable gardens while catching a glimpse of the beauty of living in harmony with the seasons.
Our goal is to raise all our plants from organic seed in our greenhouses, plant and care for the plants at our commercial and residential gardening accounts and harvest the flowers for our natural plant dyed roving. This enables our farm to go full circle, with the animals supplying manure for the gardens, raising and caring for the flowers and finally using them one last time in the dye-pot before they go to the compost pile. Itís a perfect reduce and reuse program and it is safe for the environment.
In 1991,the sheep were originally purchased to help us clear the brush on the property and supply us with manure.  I took a spinning lesson shortly thereafter, and the whole world of fiber opened up to me. For the first time I realized theyíre were different breeds of sheep and that I could raise my own fleece sheep. That was fifteen years ago, along the way Iíve taken many workshops and studied with master spinners, felters, shepherds and veterinarians to learn new techniques to establish my own style of teaching and rearing fiber animals.

All our animals are raised organically; their fleeces are covered with sheep coats for the winter and our sheep Shearer visits every May. The fleeces are skirted, sent out for  professional washing and returned for dyeing. During the summer and fall I gather the plant material and dye the wool before itís put into roving or batting. I prefer natural plant dyes, they are alive with color and enhance the natural qualities that sheepís wool possesses.

The finished fiber product is a combination of our sheepís wool with silk, cotton, llama, alpaca and angora fibers. All hats, handbags and mittens are designed to reflect the natural folklore tradition that sheepís wool invokes. Many products are custom designed to suit the buyerís choice of color and design. All hats and mittens come in small, medium and large with several styles to chose from. The handbags are strong, functional and durable with a surface design and a style to set your handbag apart from the rest.
The organic roving and batting are sold by the ounce and by natural color or plant dyed. All hand spun yarn is sold by weight. Custom colors and blends are available.

Yes, it is possible to raise animals for pets as well as fiber and still hold down a full-time. Life is short so you might as well enjoy all that you do as long as you are respectful to the earth. Please remember to be kind to the earth and recycle always, the earth and our future generations will be grateful! We look forward to enhancing your fiber addictions with a little Maine flare!


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